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Royal Line
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More than just translation

  • Royal Line is a translation and consultancy company, specialising in Christian and humanitarian subject areas, with a further emphasis on the sectors of PR, marketing and management. Other topics available on request.
  • Royal Line works with on-site specialists, as well as with an international network of fully qualified free associates.
  • Royal Line’s work is not over when the translation is delivered. We also want to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied in every respect with the service supplied.

Our guarantee of expertise

  • Translations are only carried out in the translator’s mother tongue.
  • Our translators are familiar with the cultural background both of the original and of the target language.
  • Our translators work in subject areas where they have specialised knowledge.

Our guarantee of transparency

  • A clear basis for billing – in terms of characters, lines and pages.
  • Precise information on prices: price guidelines, fixed prices, discounts and markups where appropriate.
  • Reliable adherence to delivery date (calendar week, date, time of day).